Unable to access Billing and Settings, login redirect loop

I am trying to login on hub.docker.com for 2 reasons:

Reason1: I need to verify will not be billed, as my work profile changed, so I will no longer need paid license.

Reason2: I need a docker login token for the CLI

I am stuck in redirect loop as I try to access Docker.

If I try to contact paid support for which I still have few days in valid paid license, I get error, like:

Something went wrong!

We’ve logged this error and will review it as soon as we can. If this keeps happening, please file a support ticket… with the below ID.

It’s ironic I cannot access the paid support for which I paid

You can try to log in from a different browser or an incognito window (private window). I opened the settings page by clicking on your link and I was not redirected. Of course I don’t have business subscription, only a Pro subscription if that matters.

How did you try it? Was it this page?

same problem.

How did you try it? Was it this page?

Yes, that page generate the ID

Do you have any proxy or firewall? Are you in a company network for example?


I have paid for support, but unable to reach it due to the original error.

Is this the alternative channel?

I would like to confirm the current license will not be renewed.

This is a community forum so as community members we can’t help you directly and I’m not sure I can reach someone from Docker before your subscrption period ends since they are busy recently, but since you wrote here before that, in case your subscription will be renewed, hopefully you can get a refund.

You can try to write on the hub feedback page too

That is a public channel which could be seen by the Docker staff more easily.

It is possible that someone already reported this issue.

You can also try to write an email to Docker directly. If you visit the GitHub page of Docker, you can find an email address:


To troubleshoot, consider logging in from an alternative browser or using an incognito window (private window). I attempted to access the settings page through your provided link without encountering redirection. It’s worth noting that I possess a Pro subscription rather than a business subscription, in case that distinction holds any significance.