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V1.12.0-rc3-beta18 missing Diagnose, and "Check for Update" and Auto-Update option cannot be changed


(Krylon360v2) #1

Expected behavior

Should see the Check for Upgrade option under Moby; should be able to select/de-select Auto-Update.

Actual behavior

Check for Upgrade doesn’t exist.
Auto-Update is greyed out.


  • the output of:
    • Moby Menu > Diagnose & Feedback on OSX
  • host distribution and version ( OSX 10.10.x, OSX 10.11.x, Windows, etc )
    OSX 10.11.5

$: docker version >
Version: 1.12.0-rc3
API version: 1.24
Go version: go1.6.2
Git commit: 91e29e8
Built: Sat Jul 2 00:09:24 2016
OS/Arch: darwin/amd64
Experimental: true

Version: 1.12.0-rc3
API version: 1.24
Go version: go1.6.2
Git commit: 876f3a7
Built: Tue Jul 5 02:20:13 2016
OS/Arch: linux/amd64
Experimental: true

$: docker-compose version

1.8.0-rc1, build 9bf6bc6
docker-py version: 1.8.1
CPython version: 2.7.9
OpenSSL version: OpenSSL 1.0.2h 3 May 2016

docker-machine version >
docker-machine version 0.8.0-rc1, build fffa6c9

Steps to reproduce the behavior

  1. Installed 1.12.0-rc3-beta18,
  2. noticed the options are now gone.

(Rohinton Kazak) #2


I just installed Docker 4 Mac just now and see those options. Maybe try

(Alins) #3

for me is missing in beta-17.

i just spent bit of time completely uninstalling docker for mac beta 17, went back to private beta and upgraded forward to 17. the auto update options is available until beta 17 is installed at which point there’s no option in the menu and the checkbox in preferences is greyed out

here are some screen shots to prove this

ERROR: Network timed out while trying to connect to
(Joao) #4

Same here, can’t check for updates.

(Philipbergen) #5

Ditto. Also missing pinata?!? How now am I supposed to get around Cisco Anyconnect?

(Ekaley) #6

beta 17 here…check for updates is greyed out. I assume this will be an issue as docker wont autoupdate to later releases

(Rdubya) #7

I’m experiencing the same issue. It started with beta17 and is still missing in beta18. I have tried completely uninstalling and re-installing a newly downloaded version but the options still won’t show up. I am on OS X 10.11.5

(Krylon360v2) #8

Just did a complete uninstall using both the Uninstall function in the Moby Prefs; as well as using Clean My Mac 3.
Reinstalled with a freshly downloaded dmg. Same thing. No such options exist.

(Gaëtan de Villèle) #9

I am sorry you are having a problem with the automatic update detection feature.

Could you please execute the command “id” in a terminal and post the result please? (or PM me)
Do you see the group “admin” in the output of the command?

Thanks for being Docker for Mac beta testers.

(Frosforever) #10

Hi Gaetan. I’m experiencing the same issue.
Running id shows admin in the output.


(Hmichael26) #11

Hi Gaetan.

Output includes “admin” group.

Thanks for your development.

(Grant Gochnauer) #12

Same issue here too. b17 and b18

(Alins) #13

can also see ‘admin’ in the list

(Gaëtan de Villèle) #14

I think I have a good guess about the reason, but I don’t know what exactly causes the issue on your systems, yet.
It won’t be fixed for beta19 but I am adding additional logs in the app to eventually confirm the reason of this misbehavior.
If you are willing to help us by performing a couple of tests on your Mac, feel free to PM me. Thanks!

(Grant Gochnauer) #15

Not sure if this is true for anyone else but I used to have docker installed via brew before moving to the beta.

(Gaëtan de Villèle) #16

Thanks for the feedback, but I am pretty sure it’s an issue in the Docker for Mac application where it fails to detect that you are an Administrator on the Mac.

(Sothawo) #17

I cannot do the update when being a normal user; when switching to an admin account, the check is enabled and I can check for updates.

It is alright, if for installing the update I enter admin credentials, but for the check? You do not expect me to do everyday work as an admin user?

(Keepclean) #18

from system.log

Jul 19 22:16:39 keepclean-osx2 Docker[763]: Application version: 1.12.0-rc4-beta20 (10404)
Jul 19 22:16:39 keepclean-osx2 Docker[763]: Administrator user: false
Jul 19 22:16:39 keepclean-osx2 Docker[763]: OSX Version: Version 10.11.6 (Build 15G31)

from id cmd
$ id | grep -oE '[0-9]+(admin)'

and there are no check updates and diagnoses options

(Adrien Duermael) #19

This will be fixed in beta 21 (in a week).
We did not fix the way we determine if a user is admin or not, but actually, it’s not necessary to require admin rights…

If you’re a non-admin user, you’ll be able to update the application yourself.
It will prompt you for admin credentials if your is placed in /Applications, but not if you just keep it on your Desktop.

Non-admin users will also be able to run diagnostics.

(Ogeisser) #20


would it be possible that you document the way/conditions you check to determine if a user is admin or not?

For example: Docker checks if the current user is member of the group “admin”, etc.