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VBox: Black screen when 3D acceleration is ON since docker installation


(Yscialom) #1

Hi folks!

On my Windows 7 64 bits, I’ve installed VirtualBox version 5.2.12 r122591 (Qt5.6.2).
I’ve created an new VM with Centos7 as a guest, and installed the guest additions on it.
Everything was OK, I could launch the VM with 3D acceleration and it works just fine.

Later, I installed a docker tool, namely DockerToolbox <download.docker dot com/win/stable/DockerToolbox.exe> and ran Docker Quickstart Terminal.
It added a new VM to my list, So I guess it interacts with VirtualBox in some way.

Just after that, I was unable to launch my CentOS guest with 3D acceleration on.
With 3D: linux does boot but a black screen is shown (with the mouse cursor).
Without 3D: linux boots with a 800x600 display. Which isn’t great.

Please find my VBox logs on pastebin :

I tried to update my NVIDIA drivers but it looks like I already have the latest version. I then created a post on the VBox forums where, no luck, I was sent here.

Some help would be highly appreciated.