Why Docker on Windows 10 after upgrade error?

Docker stopped running after upgrading to Docker version 20.10.14, build a224086 . At first, there was a long inscription Docker desktop starting, after Docker stopped. Updated through the built-in interface of the docker itself.

Windows 10

tried it :

  • dism / Online /Enable-Feature: Microsoft-Hyper-V /All (it was already on)

When trying:

  • docker service rollback my-service = error (Error response from daemon: open .\pipe\docker_engine_linux: The system cannot find the file specified.)

Considering that everything used to work before the update without any problems. How can I get some logs and understand what’s going on ?

Have you tried the “Logs and troubleshooting” guide?

And how did you upgrade Docker? Did you upgrade Docker Desktop or only Docker somehow? If you upgrade Docker Desktop, from which version to which version?