Interaction Between Docker Desktop for Windows and WSL2?

My home PC has Windows Home. The winver command tells me that it is Version 2004 (build 19041.252). In about 7/2020 I installed WSL2 on my machine, and it seemed to be working pretty well. Recently, because it is used by a company I am contracted to, I also installed Docker Desktop for Windows. It installed without any problems, and I went through the “Getting Started” tutorial without adifficulties. However, when I subsequently did a "docker image build my_docker . " command, it resulted in a number of confusing errors which other team guys did not get . They are generally using Windows 10 Pro, and also do not have WSL2 installed.
I initially assumed that, as long as the WSL2 code was not actively in use (i.e., I did not have a terminal open running an instance of bash), that there should not be a problem in running Docker Desktop for Windows. Now, I am beginning to question that assumption. Has anyone else in the forum successfully had Docker Desktop for Windows and WSL2 both installed on Windows Home? Are there are rules / procedures that I have to observe to do this successfully? Thx.

Specifically, I enter the following command, and get this output:

$ docker image build -t my_docker .
[+] Building 1.3s (2/2) FINISHED
=> [internal] load .dockerignore 0.9s
=> => transferring context: 2B 0.0s
=> [internal] load build definition from Dockerfile 1.2s
=> => transferring dockerfile: 2B 0.0s
failed to solve with frontend dockerfile.v0: failed to read dockerfile: open /var/lib/docker/tmp/buildkit-mount183314913/Dockerfile: no such file or directory

Its possible that the first four lines of output are normal / expected. I have no idea what the
"failed to solve with frontend dockerfile.vo … error means, nor how to resolve it. Any advice
would be appreciated.