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Why is there no Docker Client download progress bar and area in the main UI for the updates to show?

When an update for the Docker client comes out, it only shows me that there is an update in the right-click menu of the taskbar mini tray icon. Once selected, it opens a popup where you can start the download, which proceeds to close once clicked - giving no user feedback on the download status of the update.
I go to open that popup again and the same button shows again, no progress display. In the main UI of the docker windows client there is no prompt to show that there is an update or the status of the download. I am just told it will install the downloaded update when I restart docker.

I restart docker a few times and it still shows in that right click menu that there is an update available. I go to download it again and leave my computer connected to the internet for a few hours. Still nothing when I restart docker and this process repeats itself.

It would be really useful to have an area of the Docker windows client settings to show that there is an update available and the status of the update downloading which could then prompt you to restart the client. At the moment the process is a bit fluffy and I still don’t know why I can’t update my Docker windows client.


I have the same issue
macOS Big Sur v11.6

Same issue on macOS Catalina 10.15.7