Docker can't download say it is bad /damaged/corrupt

hi folk when i downloaded docker for mac with intel it worked for a bit then ask me to download update it took a while and downloaded then crashed .so i uninstalled and when i tried to reinstall it said that it was damaged or corrupt then next message says it name was to long

any help would be awesome as i am trying to work on a personal project

cheers john

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I am having the same problem. I have downloaded the lasted DMG for Intel three times. The Finder cannot open them. It says they are corrupt.

There was an other topic recently where I could not help, but @arfgordon realized the version of macOS was too old

Sorry to necro an old thread, but what’s the solution?

Well, there is only one feedback that I linked in my previous post. If that doesn’t help (updating macOS) and someone else doesn’t share another solution, that seems to be the only one. Have you tried that? Or is it that you can’t update macOS because of an old hardware?

I’m having this problem because of old hardware. Is there an older version I can download?

Since these versions are not supported anymore, use them on your own risk.

In the release notes you will find 4.0.0 as the oldest available version. There is a comment however, where they mention even odler versions, but those seems to be too old.