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Installing Docker on Windows 10 Home


Sometimes you just have to think outside the box. Just buying an old win pro 7 key and to update win 10 home to pro is really the fastest possibility i guess instead fo working with some Workarounds. Thanks nugai worked like a charm.


Hi after running the scripts and making a change in registry the installation coninue without any errors. However after logging off and onn as sugested at the end I got error from starting daemon complaining about incorrect windows version. Thus “docker version” cmd also finishes with error at the end, that no daemon is running.

An error occurred
Docker doesn’t support your Windows version. Check documentation for minimum requirements


Hi, just ran both scripts, changed the registry, installed version 18.09.2, changed registry back, logged in, and ran hello-world.
So far everything working perfectly.


@mapk sry for not updating but I got Docker for windows working two weeks ago and it works perfectly without any problems. Today I was trying to trying to setup a virtual machine in virtualbox and when it didn’t work there I moved to VMware and it said that there was an issue when trying to start the vm as it something in hyper-v seems to block it. So I was wondering if there is a way to remove the hyper-v and containers things we did when we ran the bat script.
Or will resetting the pc reset everything to default state coz anyway I was going to reset my pc in April.